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Full Version: Update installation fails mid-stream
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A client reports that half-way through an update installation he got an error message saying that the current file could not be created.


The most likely cause of this error is that the next file to be copied would be over-writing a same-named file that is currently in use.
Things to check:
  1. Windows’ Services Control Manager
    1. Look for a service called GoldSMS Service, and stop it if it’s running.
    2. Note: This service could have a different name, depending on what you named it upon installation.

  2. Task Manager (be sure to use the option to “Show processes from all users”). Be sure that no GoldSMS programs are running:
    1. GoldSMSPull.exe
    2. GoldSMSBlast.exe
    3. goldsmsSVC.exs
    4. gmjumpstart.exe
    5. GOLDanything.exe (potentially)

The workaround found and followed by this client was to disable the GoldSMS service and reboot the machine.

Dev staff will seek to find better diagnostic messaging for this problem, i.e. "goldsmsxyz.dll appears to be in use. Please be sure all GoldSMS processes have been stopped prior to installation."

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