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Recent Updates
01-23-2014, 03:06 PM (This post was last modified: 06-22-2014 06:09 AM by stevengraff.)
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Recent Updates
  • GoldSMS. Added Send & Repeat option. Added button to launch GoldSMS Thread tool. Confirmation when sending now in GoldMine status bar rather than free-popping display.
  • GoldSMS Thread. Added button to launch GoldSMS. Added control to limit max. items displayed. Added button to "Complete TXI's" on current contact record's Pending tab. TXI's get completed with Ondate and Ontime reflecting proper chronological order.

  • In GoldSMS main mod, text color turns yellow at 140 chars, red at 160, to warn of the approaching end of the 160 characters permitted in the SMS protocol.
  • In GoldSMS "Send and Repeat" button no longer causes GoldSMS to completely exit and then restart. Instead, the window dims for a second or two while the program processes out the text message, then un-dims, ready to accept more input.

  • If GoldSMS Thread is running, and a single text arrives from the current contact, GoldSMS Alert is suppressed. The assumption is that you're having a Text Conversation, and you're focused on the inbound messages as they flow in, and are presented in the GoldSMS Thread window. Having the GoldSMS Alert module also fire off during this process would be distracting, and irritating.
  • Cleanup of leaking "datastream" operations; should stop/reduce system disconnects.
  • When using GoldSMS main gui, a yellow button now lights up if you change the contact record that was active when you first launched GoldSMS. The button allows you to click to realign GoldMine with the contact in GoldSMS. A future option may allow you to refresh the GoldSMS module instead.

  • Fresh installer file at
  • GoldSMSBlast: 3 new modes of resiliency control added (Exit, Continue, Jump Start, and Jump Start Goldsync Mode. Choose your preference in the Blast config utility.
  • Notify admin via email if process stops connecting to GoldMine
  • Coming soon (done): same for Pull module. (Though somewhat unnecessary if Pull and Blast run on same machine).
  • Coming soon: New module to facilitate mass scheduling of TXOs through GoldSMS Hyperblast technology, including Primary and Additional contacts

  • Misc. bugs introduced and repaired in Pull, Alert, Thread.
  • Added Test button for admin email
  • New build posted at (may be a bit rough, but cleaned up some structural inconsistencies that should help with stability.)
  • All modules exhibit build date/time in title bar. Useful for bug reporting and tracking
  • New build posted.
  • All modules exhibit version number in title bar (no longer date/time). Useful for bug reporting and tracking.
  • New build posted.
  • GoldSMSAlert. Choosing "Go To Contact" positions GoldMine at designated contact (as always), and now also brings GoldMine into focus, i.e. front of screen
  • Run as service. Released ("beta" quality) feature to permit configuration of Pull and Blast as Windows services. Testing required. Run goldSMSsvcConfig.exe from root dir to configure and install service.
  • Misc. Bug Fixes. Refined run as service behavior. Main product installer now functions only with "Run as Admin" status. Same for GoldSMSsvcConfig.exe.
  • Fixed line break problems in main GUI and Blast. Cleaned up problem with HTML formatted notes. Cleaned up   issue.
  • GoldSMS. Added "trap" for failure to create tmp file when sending singles through the gui.
  • GoldSMSPullConfig. Added "trap" for failure to read registry entry for ODBC driver list.
  • GoldSMSThread. Added option to remove "Complete TXI's" button from GUI. Add line "hideCompleteTXIs=1" to goldsmsthread.ini file.
  • Web store. Now permits/requires inclusion of end-user company name and HDA.
  • GoldSMSThread. Improved sorting of threaded messages based on recid and completedid (thanks Paul Laufer).
  • GoldSMS. Shortened designations of "Primary contact" and "Additional contact" to "Primary" and "Additional" respectively.
  • GoldSMS. Repaired broken dialog dynamics caused by work on 2/15. Added MTD message total to title bar.
  • GoldSMS & Pull. Added support for multiple numbers per organization.
  • Fixed bug where additional Pending activities (non-TXI) got copied into history when clicking Thread button to Complete TXI's.
  • Added capability for logging to plain text file for Blast module.
  • Added ability to specify which "from" number will be used when blasting.
  • GoldSMSThread. Modified formatting for better "readability." Text is staggered, left-aligned for inbound, right-aligned for outbound. Each message's header highlighted in yellow.
  • GoldSMSPull. Added "Argentina" rule... if inbound country code = 54, insert a 9 after the 54 in order to match the contact in GoldMine.
  • GoldSMS. Checks GoldMine's "privilege elevation" level and suggests workaround if GoldMine is running "As Admin"
  • GoldSMSThread. Checks GoldMine's "privilege elevation" level and suggests workaround if GoldMine is running "As Admin". Created ini setting (undocumented) to change thread refresh rate. Provided indicator of refresh query in progress (asterisk in title bar during update).
  • GoldSMSAlert. Created ini setting (undocumented) to change alert refresh rate.
  • Overhauled desktop apps. Consolidated functionality of Threader into main GoldSMS gui. GoldSMSThread no longer exists as an independent module. MTD text volume is displayed following "Save and Repeat" operation. Animated visual indicators appear when sending/receiving txt, and recording history. Status is also displayed on Save and Repeat button.
  • Alert module has controls for: Go To Contact, Go To Contact/Reply, Complete, and Return to Tray. Alert screen is large and bright blue, permitting user awareness from "across the room." Alert supression occurs if "active" conversation is taking place.
  • GoldSMS startup screens show user what GoldSMS is doing between the moment of launch and the appearance of the GUI, i.e. connecting to GoldMine and fetching prior messages.
  • Misc. bug fixes to GoldSMS and GoldSMS Alert.
  • Reply option in GoldSMS Alert. When the Alert screen pops up it lists all the Pending/Alarmed TXI's for the current user. By selecting one of those TXI's and then clicking the Go To Contact/Reply button, you're taken not only to the relevant contact record, but when GoldSMS launches, the correct contact, Primary or Additional, is automatically pre-loaded as well.
  • Double-click option in Alert. Double-clicking a record in Alert has the same effect as single-clicking the record, then clicking the Go To Contact/Reply button.
  • Numerous minor and semi-major updates.
    GoldSMS Svc. (and related config tool) - misc. cleanup; also, the default now is to install the service user as LocalSystem with no password.

    GoldSMS (main) and GoldSMS Alert - enhanced "conversation" behavior. Double-clicking an alert now opens GoldSMS (main) with the reply-to contact pre-selected, even if it's an Additional Contact.

    Multi-conversation mode. You can now have multiple (suggested max = 4) GoldSMS Main instances running, permitting multiple simultaneous Text conversations. Minimize them as you wish... a fresh reply automatically restores the correct instance to normal size, ready for your reply.

    Hyper-Pull technology now functional for GoldSMS Pull. Just add these two lines to your GoldSMS Pull configuration file (goldsmspull.ini):

    hyperPullPort=3399 (or 8080 or whatever port you'd like to use)
    hyperPullIP = (use your publicly visible ip address; fqdn is OK too)

    Then, in your firewall or router, direct inbound traffic on this port to your GoldSMSPull computer.

    When a new message arrives, you'll have it in a fraction of the time. Rather than wait out the full 15-second interval, GoldSMS Pull will be instantly "aware" of the need to fetch the new message(s). Incredibly powerful when using GoldSMS in "conversation" mode.

    In fact, on our in-house system, we're using hyper-pull, and we've changed the old Pull interval to 300 seconds, meaning any "strays" not accounted for by hyper-pull will still be collected at least within 5 minutes. In actual practice, though, we could probably set this for an hour (3600 seconds). Thus we reduce network traffic by not doing frequent "polling" for new messages, and we get the new messages much, much faster.
  • Automated anti-orphan monitoring/alerting on inbound Texts. 
    Began rollout of program to automatically alert technical contact at user's office if inbound messages are not being retrieved.
  • Changed UI for main GoldSMS.exe module.
    - Removed one-and-done Send button; user must click Close (or the x) to exit module.
    - Re-arranged lower 2/3 of window, so all buttons/droplists are together, in the middle.
    - When "completing" TXIs, status is reported in new status bar at bottom of window, rather than seperate box.
  • TXOs in conversation thread show LastDate/LastTime fields. Formerly had shown CreateOn/CreateAt.
  • Version 1.5 inclusive release
  • Major updates to Blast:
    * HyperBlast... Texting en masse to Primary and Additional Contacts, using Groups, Filters, or Tagged records.
    * Field token substitution for bulk Texting. Put :FIRSTNAME:, : DEAR:, or :CONTACT: anywhere in the body of your Text and GoldSMS Blast will decode it on the fly.
    * "Reply NO to stop" gives recipients the ability to opt-out. This automatically updates GoldMine, and prevents future Texts from being scheduled by Hyperblast.
    * Duplicate numbers in any blast not sent multiple Texts.


























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