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HyperPull - The end of GoldSMS Pull as we know it!
03-21-2014, 08:41 AM (This post was last modified: 03-21-2014 08:55 AM by stevengraff.)
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HyperPull - The end of GoldSMS Pull as we know it!
GoldSMSPull checks the cloud server every X seconds (7? 10? 15?) to see if you've received a new text message. If you're anything like me, your true preference would probably be 0 (yes, that's zero) if at all possible, especially when engaged in a texting conversation with a client or prosepect who's using a phone.

While 7 - 10 seconds of delay is probably "acceptable," we're pleased to announce that we have once again broken the speed barrier, and have effectively reduced the interval to... Zero! (while simultaneously reducing network traffic by 99%!).

We call this new feature "HyperPull."

With HyperPull, GoldSMS Pull still runs, but now, in addition to what ever time-based trigger you're using, it will also react to an event-based trigger, namely the reception of a new text message. Functionally, this means that you can set your time interval to something like 300 (5 minutes) or 3600 (an hour) as a backup, just in case the system somehow misses a stragler).

The real trigger you'll be relying on is the HyperPull signal. So instead of creating network traffic to check for new new messages every 10 seconds, the only traffic you'll create is when you've actually got a text message to retrieve!
To use HyperPull:
  1. Download and install the latest build of GoldSMS.
  2. Add the following two lines to your GoldSMSPull.ini file:

    hyperPullPort = port#
    hyperPullIP = ipAddress (or fqdn)

    An example might look like:

    hyperPullPort = 8080
    hyperPullIP =


    hyperPullPort = 2219
    hyperPullIP =

    The port number is somewhat arbitrary. The IP address is the publicly visible ip address of your firewall or router.
  3. Ask your IT professional to direct inbound traffic on the above-designated port to the computer on which your GoldSMSPull is running.
  4. Stop, then re-start GoldSMSPull. Your GoldSMSPull module will immediately begin "listening" on the port you designated in the ini file. A new text will trigger GoldSMSPull to immediately go out and retrieve it from the cloud server.

For you techies in the crowd wondering about the nature of our signalling, it's just a simple telnet connection that's "noticed" and then immediately dropped.
Pros: Faster, with less network traffic.
Cons: Requires more configuration, including manual updates to your ini file and router. Requires acceptance of inbound tcp/ip traffic.

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