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Undocumented Feature: Specify your "from" number (if you have multiple)
04-09-2014, 02:07 PM (This post was last modified: 04-09-2014 02:13 PM by stevengraff.)
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Undocumented Feature: Specify your "from" number (if you have multiple)
If you have multiple numbers with us, which one gets used when you send a Text? If you don't specify, the system just picks one, more or less at random.

If you'd like to control what number your Text goes out from, there are three ways (so far Smile ) you can do it:

1. Globally, for blasts. In the Blaster config tool, there's a field called "Assigned Text Num:" in which you can type (without punctuation or formatting) one of your assigned numbers to be the default for Text messages sent via GoldSMS Blast.

2. Individual scheduled Texts. When you schedule a Text (or a thousand Texts!), if you simply place "fromnum:" followed by your preferred number after your message, that's the number GoldSMS Blast will use when sending.



3. "Onesies" through the main GoldSMS user interface. There's a drop-down labeled "From:" near the upper-right corner of the main GoldSMS window. This drop-down lists the numbers you've previously entered in the GoldSMS Main GUI Configuration tool in the field called "Assigned Txt. #." In this field you would simply type in your numbers, no punctuation or formatting, seperated by a comma.
NB: In every case, you can only use numbers you've actually purchased and own! Entering a number not assigned to will not be productive.


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