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 {{::​scheduled_other_action_for_blast.png?​500|}} {{::​scheduled_other_action_for_blast.png?​500|}}
-Tip: The way to do a blast, ​or broadcastis to define a filter or group in GoldMine, ​then do group schedule operationusing the options ​as abovebut scheduled en masse for the filter or group.+ 
 +It’s all well and good to send a single ad-hoc text to a contact… but what if you’d like to send out a thousand? You can do that by creating ​contact group or filterand scheduling an Other Action for the entire ​filter or group en masse. 
 +Or, if you’re skilled with GoldMine’s Automated Processes, you can configure an AP event to instantly react to one or more conditions ​in GoldMine ​by scheduling a text message for immediate delivery. 
 +The GoldSMS component that does this is called GoldSMSBlastand it turns Text sending into true client/​server process, with GoldMine, as the client side, setting the flag in the calendar table, for GoldSMSBlast to operate on on the server side. 
 Blast checks GoldMine'​s cal table every 10 seconds by default. Blast checks GoldMine'​s cal table every 10 seconds by default.
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