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 +[[http://​|Plain English Home Page]] [[:​start|User Guide Home]]
 ===== Scope and Purpose ===== ===== Scope and Purpose =====
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 Think of GoldSMS as your “corporate Text number.” Think of GoldSMS as your “corporate Text number.”
 +You don't need to know the contact'​s carrier, as in the past, when "​texting:​ from GoldMine. GoldSMS ties in directly to the national SMS network, unlike GoldMine'​s built-in SMS functionality,​ which does an e-mail conversion routing.
 +In the past, sales reps each sent text messages from their own phones… but nothing was logged, not into GoldMine, not anywhere! GoldSMS solves this problem too… all outbound //and inbound// Texts are logged to the appropriate contact record.
 +Are your contacts overwhelmed with email? voicemail? social media? Get their attention for time-critical or high-value situations using Text – only do it right, consistent with your existing standards for client or prospect contact. Your message gets the attention it deserves by poking through the fabric of every-day background noise.
 +Do you deal with a young, tech-oriented market? Communicate with them the way they want to be communicated with… not email, not voicemail… Text!
 +GoldSMS is perfect for high-value situations:
 +  * Financial Services. The implications are vast and clear! clients need instant updates
 +  * Home Sales. In a hot market a house goes on the market at 9am, and is gone by 9:30. You've got to know early to act fast.
 +  * Medical/​Dental 1. Forgetful patients costing you money by leaving open timeslots when they no-show? Same-day reminders should help that situation.
 +  * Medical/​Dental 2. Short-notice cancellation?​ Fill that slot by sending a Text out to the wait-list volunteers.
 +  * College Recruiting. Young buyer, high-value sale.
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