GoldSMS Pricing/Ordering

Choose the volume and pricing level that best meets your needs. Most of our clients start out at the Economy or Basic level. (Note closely how inexpensive this is... all the prices are per year! The messaging allotments are per month!)

To order, just click the level you wish to buy in at, i.e. "Economy."

To order a 30-day Trial, please click here.

Level Texts per Month Price Overage Suitability
Economy 200 $199/year $0.20/text Single-users and small businesses sending fewer than 10 texts per day
Basic 1,000 $399/year $0.20/text Small-mid sized businesses sending as many as 50 texts per day
Basic + 2,500 $925/year $0.15/text Mid-sized businesses, i.e. 10 sales reps each sending about 10 texts per day
High Volume 5,000 $1,749/year $0.13/text Larger businesses, i.e. 15 to 30 reps.
Silver 10,000 $3,299/year $0.11/text Small enterprise, i.e. over 30 reps.
Gold 25,000 $7,499/year $0.07/text Enterprise.
Platinum 100,000 $22,499/year $0.02/text Large enterprise.

If you exceed your montly allotment, additional "overage" per-text charges apply as per above. Choose reasonably. If you buy too high, it's a waste. If you buy too low you'll get eaten up by overages.

  1. What other costs are there?
    • Provisioning, $50, one-time, non-refundable, applicable to all accounts. This covers the cost of allocating a dedicated text number to you, and other administrative overhead.
    • Inbound voice calls, $0.08 (that's eight cents) each. (Hint: depending on your campaign, this can be a very good problem to have!) This is billed quarterly, or when total exceeds $25.
    • Options:
      • Custom "voice bounce" message (this message is what your recipients will hear should they happen to dial your text number.)
      • $50/year, you upload an mp3 file to us;
      • $50 additional if we record it for you. 
      • GoldSMS software installation by Plain English, $250

  2. Can I "roll" my credits forward from month to month?
    No. It's important to choose the subscription level that's "right" for you, to avoid overage fees.

  3. Can I buy "buckets" of text credits to accommodate marketing campaign spurts?
    Yes... you can purchase a month's worth of text credit, in advance, from any level higher than your current subscription level, at 50% of the per-text rate. For example, if you subscribe at the Basic level (1000 texts per month) you can purchase a 5,000 text credit, valid for one month, for $325 (5,000 x .13 x 1/2). You can do this up to four times per year. This option is only available to subscribers at or above the Basic plan. The minimum price per text is $0.02 (two cents).
    Click here to order Bulk Message Credits.

  4. What if I exceed my monthly allotment?
    Additional texts are billed as per the table above. The first time this happens you'll be given a one-time opportunity to upgrade to the next level with no penalty.

  5. Is this priced "per user?"
    No! You can have as many users as you'd like using the system.

  6. Is this priced "per month?"
    No! The prices quoted are per year!