Ready to Purchase Dime-O-Gold?

Two versions to Meet your Need!

Dime-O-Gold Versions:

  • Dime-O-Gold Express One-button-click prints your label and logs to History. Single, Primary contact only, i.e. no filter/group, no Additional Contacts.
    $69.95 per company (not per-user!)

  • Dime-O-Gold Pro Provides support for Primary/Additional/Tagged records, single and filter/group capability. Pricing based on GoldMine license size:

    Pricing for Dime-O-Gold Pro
    # GoldMine Licensed Users
    Price Buy Now!
    5 users or less $129.95 per company
    6-15 users $259.95
    16 users or more $389.95

(Note: You are not required to re-download the program if you already have it installed.)

Please take note of the following information: