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Download and Install

Step by Step

  1. Prerequisite: Install your Dymo LabelWriter Software and printer first, and print a label or two.
  2. Create an apps folder at the root of your c drive (i.e. c:\apps). Or equivalent, if you'd like.
  3. Download the installation file, dgsetup.exe, to a convenient place on your computer. If you have trouble downloading dgsetup.exe, try to download the alternative, instead.
  4. When the download is complete, run dgsetup.exe to begin the installation.
  5. Point the installer to c:\apps (or whatever folder you created in step 1). The installer will automatically create for you a subdirectory called dime-o-gold, and will copy all the necessary files into the dime-o-gold folder.
  6. Click Continue, and accept the prompt to begin configuration.
  7. Locate the dls.exe file on your computer. On most systems, our installer will have found it for you, so all you need do is click “Open.”
  8. Click OK to complete the configuration. You may wish to revisit the dime-o-config program later, but for now the defaults should all be just fine.
  9. Create the appropriate task bar and shortcuts in GoldMine. (Go to the 4-minute mark in the video below for instructions on creating the task bar and shortcuts.)
  10. Right-click in the toolbar/taskbar area of GoldMine, in a spot where there's no existing button. Choose “Customize Taskbar…”
    1. Right-click in the Customize Taskbar window that pops up, and choose “Add New Group…”

    2. Type in the name you want to assign to this group, i.e. Dymo.
    3. Leave all the checkboxes blank, unless you know you want them otherwise. Hit OK. You should now have an empty Taskbar group called Dymo.

    4. Right-click in your Dymo taskbar and choose “Add New Item…”
    5. From the Item Type drop-down list choose External Application. Fill out the form similarly to this (in our installation we used d:\apps instead of c:\apps):

    6. If you bought an Express license, rather than Pro, just leave the word Pro off from the Caption line. For the Icon File, you can use any of the three hi-res ico files we provide, or just leave the default icon that's embedded in the executable.
    7. If you bought a Pro license, repeat steps e, and f above, but this time use the word “Express” instead of “Pro” on the caption line, and, on the Command Line, type /mode=Express. Use the icon with the “Xp” on it (the Express icon file) for your Icon File.
    8. Repeat steps e and f above, only this time set the Caption to Dime-O-Config, and point the Application to dime-o-config.exe. There's also a corresponding icon file you can use if you'd like.
  11. Finally, click OK one last time, then click the x to close the Customize Taskbar window.

The Video Version

In this brief video we'll see just how easy it is to download and install Dime-O-Gold software on your computer:

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