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Modes of Operation

Dime-O-Gold can function in four modes for printing labels:

  1. Express
    One label at a time, Primary contact only, no user interface (except for designating History).
  2. Pro
    One at a time or multiple, supporting Filters, Groups, and Tagged records, Primary and Additional Contacts. Preview/Adjust list prior to printing.
  3. Pro as Express
    If you've purchased the Pro license, you can also run Dime-O-Gold in Express mode by using the command-line switch /mode=Express, thus elminiating the user interface for contact selection, and speeding up the label creation process for a single Primary contact.
  4. Pause
    As in number 3, but use /mode=Pause. In this mode, nothing is printed, rather the Dymo LabelWriter Software program remains on the screen, waiting for you to simply paste in the address. Then you can manipulate it any way you'd like and, finally, click the Print button.
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