Here we go again... another season for becoming an expert on the new features in ACT!

As an ACT! Certified Consultant, we are required to pass the re-certification by January 31, 2014.

Now, you may ask,what is the value to me, your client, of you, Plain English, being certified on ACT! (or GoldMine, or HEAT, or anything else, for that matter!)?

Good question!

Certification serves to:

  1. Establish a base-line skill set for your provider.
  2. Separate the serious, committed professional from the casual service provider.
  3. Provide accountability, between you, the customer, us, the provider, and Sage, the vendor, and certifier.

In a sense, while not an absolute guarantee by any stretch, certification serves as a sort of promise on the behalf of the software vendor, that the consultant who is certified has been vetted by them as being competent in the technology required to install and support their product. Bottom line: win-win-win! You get good services, which makes the vendor, Sage in this case, and it's product, ACT! look good.