Plain English Testimonials

"We are completing our fifth year using GoldMine and you have been with us from installation, to training to tech support. We have a partner in Plain-English assisting us in maximizing the day-to-day use of the software. Our sales organization is better prepared to talk intelligently to customers and our communication within our organization has improved greatly. We look forward to growing in the future thanks to your support and assistance." - Rick Maxwell, RC Maxwell and Associates, Inc.

"The Goldmine specialists at Plain English are ALWAYS there for us when we need them! The support we receive from Plain English CRM Solutions is outstanding. They make an excellent team to work with. They are always available, ready and willing to offer solutions." - Shellie Conner, Morrell Inc.

“Between deregulation, the need to keep the customers happy, and the downsizing of the government, we had to find a solution. GoldMine was it. Just an hour ago, a Senator called and wanted to know how many complaints we had received last month. With GoldMine this was no problem. It created, sorted and printed the report in no time at all. I waited longer for the printer to crank out the paper than for GoldMine to compile the report. With the VAX-based system, it would have taken all day.” - Ron Choura, Supervisor, Service Quality, Michigan Public Service Commission

As a sales organization with several satellite offices and one corporate office, we needed a better way to handle communication between our support and sales staff. Plain-English came in and outlined the GoldMine plan. It sounded perfect, and it has been great. They worked with us to utilize GoldMIne in ways that fit with our business. Now, we always know what is happening and more importantly what has happened with any given order with any given customer. The support we receive from the staff at Plain-English is wonderful. They are always there to answer a question or provide a suggestion. The classes they offer are also great. We have taken advantage of every class offered and they were well worth the time." – Wendy Ritter, Advance Packaging Technologies

"The professionalism and exceptional customer service provided by the staff of Plain English is unsurpassed. We had several customizations and very tight timelines that they were more than willing to accommodate. Plain English was able to get us up and running with Goldmine in approximately 3 months. I also strongly recommend using the training they offer as it is well worth it." - Terrie Tilley, PPOM