What We Do

Each of our clients are unique and therefore we offer a wide variety of service levels that fit the individual needs of each of our clients. Decisions about the best product for your business, hardware and other IT needs, setting targets and desired outcomes are critical to the success of your CRM project. That's why, when you choose Plain English as your partner for your CRM implementation, we will be with you at every step from deciding on the correct product to providing ongoing support after implementation.

Sales Process Consulting

Let our trained consultants work with you to identify the most efficient and most effective methods you can use to enhance your sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

Product Selection

CRM product selection is an area frought with peril... there may be more than one product that will meet your needs, and you want to choose one that's a good fit, in terms of features and functionality, ease of use, and cost. Most importantly you want to avoid buying the "wrong" product. Our team of professional consultants will skillfully help you navigate the product selection waters, keeping in mind your specific needs and goals.

System Design

Once you've settled on the CRM product that best suites your needs and identified the "best practices" for your sales and marketing operations, our CRM professionals will configure the software to accommodate the identified processes. Again, part art, part science, we work with you to ensure that the result is a combination of product and process that will get the job done for your team.

Data Migration

Naturally, when you consider a new CRM system for your business, you have to account for all the data in your current CRM system. Will you leave it behind? In most cases you will not, because it contains potential mountains of gold! How will the data contained in the old system fit into your new system?

At Plain English CRM Solutions we work with you to help you decide which data you want to bring over into your new system. Chances are, if you never used certain data in your old system, there's no point cluttering up your new CRM system with that data. But all your mission-critical data has to come forward. That's where we bring in our certified database specialists, with years of dedicated CRM experience.

Half-art and half-science, we do an extensive three-pass process as part of our CRM deployments. After close consultation with you to determine which data should be brought forward, we'll first do a trial migration, giving you a chance to see your old data in your new CRM system. Upon further hands-on review, we'll incorporate your additional changes and requirements for use on the final migration.

Finally, when the day comes for going "live," we'll do the production-version migration. Your users will see their data in your new system, cementing your new product into place for them both functionally and emotionally. Their "ownership" of the system will be kick-started because it it, literally, their data!