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Some of the information requested in this section can be found from within your GoldMine under Help | About GoldMine.... If you'd like, you can select Help | About GoldMine... | System | Copy All, and then paste the result into the comments section below.
(See Help | About GoldMine)

*Note: Owners of GoldMine version 8 may be required to upgrade their MS SQL as part of upgrading (or adding on to) their GoldMine license. Contact us for details. Also, version 8 owners are automatically entitled to upgrade to version 9 at no cost... provided that they are 'current" on Maintenance. Please contact us to review your Maintenance status.

(See Help | About GoldMine) The license code or serial number will begin with a D or E, followed by your license count. For example "E-0015..." would be a 15-user license.
(See Help | About GoldMine) The license code or serial number will begin with the letter "D" or "E."
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I would like to add more licenses to my current total.
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