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  1. Register. This is where you'll agree to the Terms and Conditions, and let us know your preference for Area Code.

  2. Choose the monthly volume level that covers your needs. (Purchase through our convenient online store!) We'll get your new "corporate" Texting number provisioned and configure other elements your account.

  3. Download/Install/Configure the GoldSMS software from here. The User & Admin Guide can be found online right here!

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E-000594- -PFBUP-3RTK4-J978W
The 6-digit, 3rd chunk, i.e. the 425186 in the "E-000594-425186-PFBUP-3RTK4-J978W." Your GoldSMS license is tied to your GoldMine license.

Validation required... you'll need to apply for a re-seller account on our website, then complete the reseller application.

Or give us a call at (248)399-8524, ext. 121.

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