The Rules
Effective June 1, 2014
(Condensed, "Plain English" Version)

  1. Don't send SPAM. We all learned this in Kindergarden, right? We hate receiving it. Our customers (in fact, everyone we know!) hate's receiving it. So don't send it.
    1. Don't make us tell you what SPAM is. We all know it when we see it. We know it when we receive it. We know it when we send it. So don't do it.
    2. The carriers are very strict about this, far more so than email spam. Sending SPAM will result in your account being suspended or terminated. Not only that, but if our clients send SPAM, the result could be that our operation would be penalized. And we won't allow that to haappen. It's our livelihood.
    3. You may or may not receive warning(s).
    4. If your account is shut down for spamming you will lose most of your pre-paid investment. You pay for a year in advance; Plain English will only refund a maximum of 50% of your remaining pro-rata balance.

  2. Our software won't work unless you include a "main office" phone number of some kind. Our software will give your recipients this number, in case they'd like to speak to someone at your office, e.g. to ask to be removed from your list.

  3. Our software is free, and we intend to keep it that way. However, to be clear, we are under no contractual obligation to do so. One semi-likely possibility is that we will eventually develop a "premium" version of GoldSMS, with more advanced features, and charge a nominal fee for the uplift.

  4. We may raise our prices, or change our pricing plans or options.
    1. Normally this would only affect you upon renewal, however...
    2. If we incur a "price shock" as a result of supplier issues, we may be obliged to pass that on to you mid-term. (We view this scenario as extremely unlikely!)
    3. We promise to give fair warning, and to provide palatable options.

  5. Our software is provided on an "as is" basis. We regard its quality as "pretty good," and we're always trying to improve it. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, bug reports, feature requests, etc. In any case, what you see is what you get, i.e. no warranty of performance.

  6. If you need tech support, we generally suggest that the best provider of such support is your Solutions Partner, or GoldMine consultant. However, our door is always open. Our fee for support is $250/hr., billable in half-hour increments. We waive our fee if the problem you're having is the fault of our software or systems; we don't waive our fee if you simply haven't read the manual.

  7. All prices quoted online are for Texting only within the U. S. and Canada. Text messages sent outside the U. S. and Canada will be billed at $0.42 each. (No additional charge for inbound Texts.) If you need an International plan, call us.

  8. While trying to hit the high points in this synopsis, remember, you're still obligated to the full set of Terms and Conditions.