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Plain English CRM Solutions, Inc. today announced the full commercial release of GoldSMS version 1.0 for users of GoldMine Software, providing GoldMine-integrated SMS Texting. Following in a long tradition of 3rd-party add-ons that extend GoldMine's core functionality, this release follows nearly a year of closely held beta testing and in-house use.

GoldSMS gives GoldMine users the ability to send their contacts text messages by clicking a button in GoldMine, typing the message, and hitting the Send button. Simple one-button text messaging has never before been available within GoldMine. In addition, GoldMine users can send bulk, broadcast messages to groups of any size. Inbound texting is also supported, with automatic linking of inbound messages to the correct contact.

GoldMine's built-in capabilities required the user to have prior knowledge of their contact's carrier, so that GoldMine could perform an email to text conversion.

GoldSMS utilizes a live gateway to the national cell phone network, delivering true SMS text messages, independent of carrier, same as if sent from an actual cell phone, providing a true, GoldMine-integrated SMS Texting experience.

Steven Graff, Plain English's founder and CEO says GoldSMS meets a pressing need in the CRM world: "Marketers need a way to 'poke through the fabric' of noise formed by the continuous stream of 'stuff' covering them 24/7. GoldSMS lets them deliver urgent and time-pressing information reliably and quickly."

Applications are to be found in the medical/dental field, where a timely text message reminding a patient to keep his or her appointment can save a medical practise tens of thousands of dollars per year; financial services, mortgage, real estate sectors, where time-sensitive information needs to reach the client without delay; colleges and universities; and others.

"We did our best to keep the cost as low as possible," said Graff, "our entry-level price is $200 per year, and that includes up to 200 texts per month. For the value, we feel we're delivering an outstanding return on investment. To most businesses, $200/year is pretty close to "free."

Graff says Plain English will soon port GoldSMS for use with ACT! and Salesforce.com. "The need is ubiquitous among CRM users."

For more information contact: Steven Graff, President, (248)399-8524, ext. 121. Check out the GoldSMS FAQ at http://www.plain-english.com/?q=goldsms-features-2.

Plain English CRM Solutions has been a GoldMine Solutions Partner since 1997; ACT! certified since 2011.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014