Plain English CRM Solutions today announced availability of its new GoldMine Shortcuts mousepad. The mousepad features GoldMine's most popular hot keys and shortcuts, enabling GoldMine users to get to the functionality they need with single (or, sometimes, double) key strokes. For example, users can get to the GoldMine Email Center simply by hitting the F5 function key; calendar, F7; Opportunity Manager, F9; and so on.

Plain English is offering the mousepad for $12.95 each, plus shipping; orders for 10 or more, $9.95 each.

The mousepads may be ordered through the Plain English web site at

"Our clients love them," said Steven Graff, Plain English's founder and CEO. "The shortcuts have never really been secret but, because they've never been widely publicized, they may as well have been!"

Keyboard shortcuts and hot keys are often favored by power users who favor the keyboard over the mouse because they don't have to take their hands off the keyboard or their eyes off the screen. Being able to navigate the user interface with a single keystroke usually saves a few seconds. "That may not seem like a lot," said Graff, "but, over time, it adds up. More importantly, it relieves the user from some of the tedium associated with frequently repeated tasks. For example, I can see my calendar instantly, just by hitting the F7 key."

Graff estimates the "training value" of the mouse pad to be its most promising allure. "You can buy a generic mouse pad for $2," he said, "but accelerating user acceptance and adoption of a company's CRM application, that's probably worth at least $100. Not that we could actually charge that much!"

For more information contact Plain English CRM Solutions, (248)399-8524, or