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GoldSMS's functionality is delivered via the specific functions of a dozen or so “modules,” or “components.” This modular project construction permits us to rapidly and nimbly adapt and expand GoldSMS to meet our clients' needs.

Components of GoldSMS

Module Function Where Used
GoldSMS GUI, main user interface for sending “onesie” text messages interactively Desktop (shortcut within GoldMine)
GoldSMS Blast For sending out an SMS blast, or broadcast, to a group of contacts Server (application or service)
GoldSMS Pull Pulls inbound SMS messages down from the Cloud server Server (application or service)
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GoldSMS Alert Pops up to let you know a Text has arrived for you Desktop (Windows startup)
GoldSMS Thread Threads the inbound and outbound Texts into an easily readable format Desktop (shortcut within GoldMine)
Threading functionality is now in main GoldSMS module
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GoldSMS Config Configurator for the GoldSMS module Server
GoldSMS Blast Config Configurator for the GoldSMS Blast module Server
GoldSMS Pull Config Configurator for the GoldSMS Pull module Server
GoldSMS Master Config GUI buttons to launch each of the other three config modules Server
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GM Jump Start Resilience engine… tries to re-start GoldMine if necessary Server
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GoldSMS Service BETA Sets Blast and Pull modules to run as a service Server
GoldSMS Service Config BETA Configurator for the GoldSMS Service module Server

*Jargon note: GUI = Graphical User Interface (usually a Window, or a dialog box)

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