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Components of GoldSMS

GoldSMS Alert

Inbound Text Messages are sent to the Pending tab of the appropriate contact record as Other Actions, activity code = TXI, with alarm turned on.

If you wish, you can rely on GoldMine's internal alarm functionality to let you know when a new Text has arrived for you. However, many users Suspend GoldMine's alarms and, therefore, GoldSMS Alert comes into play.

We recommend that you place GoldSMSAlert.exe in your Windows Startup folder.

When running, GoldSMS Alert sits quietly in the Windows Notification Area (System Tray), normally found in the lower right corner of your screen. When a new Text arrives for you it raises an alert as shown above. You can double-click any of the entries on the list to go immediately to that contact record.

Note: GoldSMS Alert only functions if GoldMine is running!

If GoldSMS Alert detects that you are using GoldSMS Thread (i.e. to carry on a Text “conversation' with the current contact), it suppresses alerts for single Texts from that contact.

If you click the tray icon, you get the following self-explanatory options:

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