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Components of GoldSMS

GoldSMS Pull

What’s a likely outcome of you sending a text message to me? Well, I’ll probably send one right back to you, right? How will “you” receive my reply with GoldSMS?

We call this module GoldSMSPull.exe. My reply to your outbound text lands in a cloud-based database. GoldSMSPull checks (every 10 seconds, by default) for newly arrived text messages, and pulls them into GoldMine when it finds them.

The goal is that inbound Text Messages are sent to the Pending tab of the appropriate contact record as Other Actions, activity code = TXI, with alarm turned on, with the correct User Name.

Two very large bits of artificial intelligence pertain to the retrieval of text messages:

  • Which contact record should they be linked to, and
  • Which GoldMine user should they be linked to.

You’ll be glad to know, we’ve worked through these two issues extensively and, we’re proud to say, we usually get it right. And, what’s more… we give you options, to improve the probability of getting it right!

The GoldSMSPull module functions a little like a listener, waiting for someone to reply to one of your Text messages; hence, the best practice is to install it on a computer that can run, logged in to, 24/7.

While functioning in a server-like capacity, the machine running GoldSMSPull can be as simple as a Windows XP machine in a virtual environment.

Contact linking

When your GoldSMSPull retrieves my text message, (obviously) it “sees” that it’s from me. It does this by grabbing my cell phone number from the inbound text message. Next, (and here’s the tough part), it finds my cell phone number in your GoldMine. If your GoldMine is exceptionally well ordered, and you’ve got only one field where a contact’s cell phone number is always stored… congratulations! All your inbound text messages will link perfectly.

If, like many “legacy” users of GoldMine, your contacts’ cell phone number may be in one of a handful of fields GoldSMS will use advanced recognition algorithms to search for and, in most cases, find the right contact record.

User linking

When I reply to your outbound text, GoldSMSPull retrieves my message, finds my contact, and links my inbound message to the history tab on my contact record in your GoldMine. To determine the user ID to use for the history record, GoldSMSPull gives it three tries:

  1. It will use the user ID it finds in a designated field, i.e. Contact→UREPID, or Key5.
  2. It will find the most recent outbound text message, and use the same user ID
  3. It will use a default user ID, like GOLDSMS.
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