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Tips and Tricks

Custom "Bounce" Message

Without encouragement, some of your Text recipients will call the number your text is from, whether out of curiousity, or to complain about getting Text messages from you… or whatever!

Rather than use the default, generic message, which simply explains that the number is being used only for outbound text broadcasts, a custom message gives you one more chance to engage your prospect or customer, to inform, or to drive traffic to your web site or sales staff.

Want to see what we mean? Call our corporate Text number: (248)742-7196.

The cost for this service is nominal, only $50 per year. If you need to upload updates, subsequent uploads are only $25 each.

Tiny URL

Check out You’ll find a FREE service that transforms a “normal” or long URL into something only about 25 characters long. As an example,


which, by redirect, goes to the same target, but is far more suitable for the small message format of Text messaging.

Another option for url-shortening comes from none-other than Google, at


and gets appended to every Text we send!

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