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GoldSMS (Main GUI Interactive Module)

Components of GoldSMS

When you run GoldSMS by clicking the related GoldMine task bar button, the interactive “onesie” module pops up, offering you a place to type your message, and a drop-down menu listing one or more possible cell phone numbers.

How does GoldSMS offer these numbers?

  • If one of the main phone fields is labeled “Cell” or “Mobile” GoldSMS will pick up that field's contents as the default number.
  • If one of the main phone extensions (ext1, ext2, ext4, ext3) contains the word “Cell” or “Mobile” GoldSMS will pick up that field's related phone number as the default number.
  • GoldSMS will also offer, as options, the contents of the fields listed in the PhoneFields setting of the GoldSMS.ini file.
  • GoldSMS will also offer, as options, the phone and/or mobile numbers of the related Additional Contacts.
  • The user may, optionally, type in any valid cell phone number on the fly.

When ready, click either “Send” button, and your message will be sent. If you're expecting an immediate reply, you may wish to open up the GoldSMS Thread tool to see a ready reference to all the text messages inbound and outbound. And, you may find it more convenient to use the Send and Repeat option, which keeps GoldSMS open and in focus.

Tip: See the “Signature” field? It's automatically calculated based on the currently logged on user.

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