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GoldSMS Pull Config

We'll draw your attention to a few of the less-obvious features of GoldSMS Pull.

  • The “Assigned Text Number” is your new “corporate” text number, provisioned for you by Plain English.
  • Contact Match: GoldSMS Pull will try to identify the contact to link an inbound message to based on the inbound's cell number matching a phone number in one of the GoldMine fields you designate. Note: You will have problems if duplicates exist! The inbound message will be linked only to the first match found.
  • Unmatched messages get linked to a contact with company name = GoldSMS Catchall. You should create this record!
  • GoldSMS Pull matches the User ID by trying to determine which GoldMine user might have sent the Text that is now being replied to. However, you can instruct GoldMine to always link to a specific user for specific records, by designating a User Match field.
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