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Scope and Purpose

Finally, a true SMS-Text add-on for GoldMine! GoldSMS gives GoldMine users the ability to send and receive real (i.e. not e-mail based) SMS text messages from within GoldMine, with the click of a button, or even fully automatically.

Think of GoldSMS as your “corporate Text number.”

You don't need to know the contact's carrier, as in the past, when “texting: from GoldMine. GoldSMS ties in directly to the national SMS network.

In the past, sales reps each sent text messages from their own phones… but nothing was logged, not into GoldMine, not anywhere! GoldSMS solves this problem too… all outbound and inbound Texts are logged to the appropriate contact record.

Are your contacts overwhelmed with email? voicemail? social media? Get their attention for time-critical or high-value situations using Text – only do it right, consistent with your existing standards for client or prospect contact.

Do you deal with a young, tech-oriented market? Communicate with them the way they want to be communicated with!

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