Dime-O-Gold: Instant Labels from GoldMine to your Dymo Label Printer


Madison Heights, MI

For GoldMine users wishing to print single labels directly to their Dymo LabelWriter from their GoldMine toolbar, relief is now in sight!

Cloud Backup for Free

Did you know that you can get an on-line (hosted, cloud-based) backup account with a 2 GB capacity from DropBox for free? You can!

Free White Paper - CRM-Integrated SMS Texting

The 7 Imperatives of
CRM-Integrated Texting

CRM Buyer's Guide, vol. 2

Read GoldMine's helpful exploration of how to go about choosing the "right" CRM product for your company's needs.

GoldMine Perspective on Hosted vs. Installed (On-Premise)

GoldMine Software recently published a "CRM white paper" comparing hosted CRM vs. installed CRM. You can read their analysis below, or click here 

GoldMine 2013.1 Released

Last week FrontRange released GoldMine Premium Edition version 2013.1.0, with bug-fixes, enhancements, and more. Here are the release notes:

ACT! Mobile

Mobility is, clearly, all the rage. And for good reason! Having access to my GoldMine or ACT!

GoldMine ShortCut Keys

GoldMine Shortcut Keys

Many functions can be performed in GoldMine with just a single click of a Function key, or a control-click combination.

GoldMine queries for history counts

How many total history records in your database? Why do you want to know?

select count(*) from conthist


Which contacts have the most history?