Incredibly cool tip for user-defined phone fields

Have you noticed how GoldMine's main phone fields automatically format the phone number with parentheses and hyphen? You enter 2483998524 and GoldMine auto-formats it as (248)399-8524.

Search Archive and Main Database Simultaneously

If you have more than one GoldMine database (an archive, for example) you might find it useful to be able to search both (or more) databases at the same time. Consider this scenario:

Why Should I Switch to Cloud-based CRM?

The latest trend in purchasing CRM software today is to not purchase it at all. Is this a good strategy?

Create Your Own CRM Software From Scratch

Could it be that the best CRM product for you is the one you build yourself?

Every now and then we hear from clients or prospects who have decided that their best avenue to effective CRM is to simply build their own from the ground up. on Charlie Rose

Marc Benioff, CEO and co-founder of, was recently interviewed by Charlie Rose. Click the play button below to see the full 28-minute interview...

ACT! 2014 Re-Certification

Here we go again... another season for becoming an expert on the new features in ACT!

As an ACT! Certified Consultant, we are required to pass the re-certification by January 31, 2014.

GoldMine Maintenance Agreement -- What's the Real Value?

Going all the way back to the release of GoldMine 4.0 Enterprise Edition, FrontRange Solutions (then GoldMine Software Corp.) instituted a policy of "Maintenance." Since then, each succeeding version of their SQL-based GoldMine product (now including GoldMine Corporate Edition and GoldMine Premiu

Anatomy of a RecID, part 2

In our first post about the RecID field, I told you that the first 7 characters of the RecID contain the date and time of the record's creation, to the 50th of a second. What are the other 8 characters for?

Character 8 - unknown, but usually a symbol, rather than a number or letter

Anatomy of a RecID

If you've ever done a SQL query in GoldMine, you might have noticed a column called RecID. What is the RecID?